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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Welcome! (Introductions and Ramblings)

Heeeeey, everyone. *peaks around* Is there someone there? Maaaaybe?
Well, hi. I've been in SL for almost a year now, and in that time, have shopped my way around the grid, buying everything in my path according to my partner. I've been addicted to reading the fashion blogs, and while for the most part, my style is not anywhere near similar to most of the posters, every now and again they post something that I think "OMG, I could so grunge that up and make it amazing!"
It was actually my awesome partner's suggestion to start a blog of my own, since I was complaining that I had yet to find a reliable and often-updated fashion blog that fit my more eclectic style. I'm definitely not haute couture...I don't often wear dresses...when I do wear skirts, they are often ripped all to hell. What can I say? In world, I'm a post apocalyptic neko, who often likes wearing gothy, punky, urban or steampunk styles.
In RL, I'm a 20 year old psych student, who lives with her adorably geeky boyfriend. Fortunately for me, he's got some amazing computers, so I will be commandeering one of those to take pictures in world, since my laptops graphics aren't the best.
You can find me in-world as Sayre Helendale. Lemme know if there is something in particular you'd like me to review, or a shop to check out...I am always looking for new places to shop!

Peace, betches. <3


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