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Friday, May 1, 2009

Let's Start Off Simple

Hiiiii there! I thought I'd start off with a really simple, everyday type look. Nothing pretentious...this is just something I often wear when gadabouting around on the grid (usually in search of more shopping places!).

To start with, the white undershirt is the Strap Top in white from Shit Luck, which is definitely one of my favorite shopping places. Amon (my partner) introduced me to them months and months ago, long before he knew of my almost obsessive penchant to shop. Well, he certainly found it out that day! Although simple, this white short shirt is adorable, with a fun neckline and a lace up back.

The pants are a recent addition to my inventory, comping from Filou. Although part of the Playfull outfit, I liked them so much I often pair them with different tops. As you can see, they are quite ripped up, both front and back, which I love. They've just got a sexy feeling, even while just being jeans.

The next two things have been staples of my inventory for awhile, and to this day are high in my absolute favorite things in SL. The jacket, which I got from +*Cipher*+, is simply gorgeous. Called the Rider's Jacket +++Busta+++, it comes in a bunch of colors, but I currently only have it in black. It does take off any arm bands/shoulder attachments that you may have, but it's SO worth it. I really am just in love with this jacket...the shading, the textures, the fun randomness that is part biker babe and part classic piece just appeals to me. GORGEOUS!

These boots are the final orgasmic piece of this outfit. As odd as it sounds, I had never been to Redgrave until less than two months ago. Everything I had personally seen come out of the store was not my style in the slightest. One day I was roaming around and saw a girl with the most gorgeous grungy biker boots I had ever seen, and when she told me she had goten them at Redgrave, I just about SQUEEEEE'd with joy. Immediately tping there, I found these Girl's Biker Boots in black, and made them mine. I probably wear these boots more often than any other shoe at the moment.

Well, that's it for my first post. Tada! One down, thousands (hopefully), to come! Please lemme know if there is anything in particular you'd like me to review or highlight.

Other Sh*t I'm Wearing:

>Skin: Laqroki--Alba 03 Fair
>Hair: LeLutka--Sasha in Beach Blonde
>Eyes: Pididdle--Motion Sickness Eyes, Alive
>Ears and Tail: Catnip--Outcast set in Silver


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