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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Believe The Hype

Ok, I know, I know. Every blog seems to be riddled with the new stuff out of Luck E Motion. We've all seen it. So, why am I blogging it? Because it is just that damn amazing. For starters, the texturing on this little onsie is just fabulous. The colors it is offered in are extremely varied, and it is incredibly sexy without being completely naked.

Now, anyone that knows me knows that I am not all that girly. Even though I may have more clothes than most sane people in SL, most of them seem to be variations of pants, shirts and jackets. I don't own that many skirts or dresses, and the ones I do have tend to be ripped to hell, or were for a special event.
Because of this, I don't have very many uber-feminine accessories. When trying to decide what to pair this cute little outfit with, these little half stockings caught my eye. Also at the new Luck E-motion store, these just about made me *squeee* with delight.
Also in my inventory, hailing from waaaay long ago, are these shoes. A present from a then romantic interest, I haven't the slightest idea where they are from, but look how cute! I will try and find out where they are from, but in the mean time...

I had a few requests for a closer up facial picture. My current everyday is skin is the Laqroki Alba 03 Fair. I do not wear skins with vibrant lipcolor, as in RL I don't wear lipstick except on very special occassions. I tend to prefer skins that looks as if they don't have makeup on, except around the eyes. When I first tried the demo of this skin, I fell in love. Dark eyes, no ridiculous glitter or rouge, no lips that looked like large slices of raw tuna on the face....YAY. There is just a soft sheen on the lips, which I love.
I wear a lot of different hair, but my number one go-to place for fun and funky hair is Magika. This is the Lil Punk in blonde. I prefer the lightest two tones of the blond hair, but all five that you get are quite pretty.
Piercing set is from Virus Co, and includes the whole thing on one attachment point. Lip piercings, both eyebrows, fun nose it!
Choker is a freebie from Cipher. I don't do the D/s play in SL, so this isn't a collar for me, but I suppose it could be used as one.

Blogs will kinda be put on hold the next two weeks (finals, booo!), but I shall try to pop a few more out in the coming weeks. Again, lemme know if there is anything in particular you want to see.


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