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Saturday, May 23, 2009

What Do Post Apoc Nekos do for Date Night?

Sometimes my partner and I go on romantic dates; we feel they bring us closer as a couple. However, whereas most couples head over to a pretty beach sim or a botanical garden, Amon and I like to roam about post-apocalyptic sims. Instead of mushing over each other, we can usually be found reveling in our inner Mad Max, riding our motorbikes at breakneck speeds through torn up streets, exploring nearly decimated hospitals....ah, good times.
And of course, we dress for the occassion. Look, I even wore a skirt...well, kinda!
This has long been one of my favorite outfits in-world. The texturing on the kilt itself is unbelievable, and the little charms that adorn both bodice and waist are extremely well done. Called the *Pleasure* outfit, it can be found in a tiny little shop at the Emo City Mall. Amon's kilt can also be found there, but alas, he does not remember what its called. As far as I could tell, the store itself did not have a name, but the various battle kilts for both men and women are some of the best I've seen in SL

As I was bullying him into telling me what all exactly he was wearing, I realized something...we are wearing many items from the same places. Score! Saves me from having to find the lms to a bunch of places :)

On Sayre (me!):

Boots: Resurrection Laced Platforms
Skin: [42] Skin Keys Hunt in natural
Mask/Shoulder Armor: Dirty Lynx
Claws: Tanglia Kitty Claws
Eyes: Vanilla C. Designs Green Envy
Hair: [Detour] Rawr! Blond mix
Tats: Twisted & Spoiled Arcane Magic Dark
Kitty Parts: Catnip Outlaw tail and ears

On Amon:
(a note...Amon mods almost everything he gets, so many of these things aren't in their exact original form.)

Skin: Damiani Liam
Shoes: Unzipped
Arm things: Tonktastic
Shoulder Armor: Dirty Lynx
Tats: Cherry Bomb
Hair: Abyss
Kitty Parts: Catnip Outlaw tail and ears


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