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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Aaaaaand I'm Back!

Whew! Sorry there, kiddos. It's been a busy few weeks. School got out, I went on vacation to Las Vegas for my 21st birthday....sheeeze. Anyway, I am back now, for good (barring any unseen vacations that my lovely friends may have forgotten to warn me about!).
I changed things up, quite a bit, in SL after I got back. While the neko look was a ton of fun, it was seriously cutting into my attachment point availability, and it seemed that every freaking person in SL is a neko. While I doubt I am done with my kitteh parts for good, I decided to try something different. Now my absolute favorite fashion blogger, EVER, is Makenzie Irling. Even though I don't wear half the things she does, since her style is, while extremely eclectic and awesome, a bit more girly than mine ever will be. However, she looks amazing as an elf, so in homage of her, I decided to give the pointed ears a try myself...and fell in love.
To celebrate, I decided to highlight one of my new favorite stores, Fuk'N'Hawt. I spent a mini fortune there this week, grabbing nearly everything in sight.
This is not a store to go to if you value your modesty! WARNING! These clothes will show just about everything, but I like it that way sometimes, so there!

Details for both:
Skin: Redgrave Pale Skin 10 Chloe
Lashes: Deviant Kitties
Tats: Twisted & Spoiled Arcane Magic
Ears: TokeoPlastik Animalistic Elven Ears Helix
Boots: Virus Co. Rogue boots
Hair: [RQ] Easy in platinum/onyx and Threats in onyx/dirty
Poses: *Elisa*
and the usual accessories, from a variety of places.

Outfit 1:
Torn to Fuk Low Rise Jeans in Blue
Wonky Top in White

Outift 2:
Dirty Torn Crop Top
Little Britain
Commando Camo pants


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