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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

All in a Day's Adventures

If you are anything like me, you change your outfit in-world at least a few times a day. I mean, seriously...there are multiple things to go and do, and you always want to look appropriate (or inappropriate, if that's your thing) for the task at hand. My partner doesn't understand this in the slightest. He will wear the same thing all day, no matter what we are doing, if I let him.
So, to show off my multiple personalities in clothing, check this out.

First, I wanted to go check out the Insilico sim. If you don't know, its a MASSIVE cybergoth/cyberpunk city, with amazing textures and all kinds of weird stuff to snoop at. Unfortunately, because of its size, it can be extremely laggy, and hard to get a decent picture because everything is so big!
But, I did manage to snap one good shot, standing under a large neon light.

Freaking love this bodysuit. I'm not much of an RPer, and I'm certainly no one's slave, but sometimes a girl just wants to be all strapped up. The texturing and coloring on this bodysuit couldn't be better. It's sexy as hell, while maintaining something of a badass feel.

Oufit: Plastik Strappy Bodysuit in Ivory/Red
Hair: Magika Lil Punk in White 1

Later that day, I felt like wandering about in a cemetary. Again, not being a proper goth, what could I wear? Fortunately for me, Grimm Bros had the answer for me. I quickly got dressed, found shoes, an appropriate skin and hair and was ready to get my mourning on.
Outfit: Grim Bros Bone Dress
Hair: [Aden] Rihanna
Skin: Frick Goth Minimalist Makeup


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