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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Forget boys and Valentine's Day!

Whew! I haven't blogged in months! Things have been crazy hectic (moving, breakups in SL and RL, new significant other in RL)...just crazy! But anyway, I am back (although without as good of a graphics card...lame!).

Today I decided to bring my two avies together, since they've both been under-going some major transformations these past few months. Since I'm single again in SL, I'm sorta pretending to hate Valentine's day. So, to protest...the girls are getting together. Who needs boys anyway?

The past few months, Rae has morphed from a demon to a faun (I'm hooked on horns and whatnot for her, I guess!), and Sayre has shrunk down, and come to look a little more like me (minus the elf ears and tons of tattoos ^.^).

I thought it would be fun to dress them simply, but in ways that real best friends may dress. It's not uncommon for my close friends and I to dress similar, often in nearly the same outfits with different colors.
Style whatnots:
On Sayre:
Skin: L. Fauna Lapine Tan 1 in Midnight
Hair: Maitreya Yasmin in natural blond
Tats: Garden of Ku Rock&Beers
Shirt: Dutch Touch Tanktop white
Jeans: Luck Inc. Low cut jeans in blue
Shoes: Rebel Punk Chucks in black
Belt: Acid & Mala Biker Chain Belt
Necklace: Naith Smit Designs Rock'n'Rolla chain
Leg diary: Catnip Dirty Secrets diary
Voodoo doll: Freakshow Voodoo Leg Strap
Ears: Illusions Mystic Ear
On Rae:
Skin: L. Fauna Lapine Pale 2 in Mystic
Hair: Truth Edie in night
Tats: Aitui Battle Wings/Fuse
Ears: Gauged Elven Ears (tunnel)
Shirt: Maitreya RB tank in black
Jeans: Khush jeans in blue
Belt: Acid & Mala Biker Chain Belt
Necklace: Urbanity You Broke me
Bracelets and Garter: Loulou & Co.
Knife set: Last Eden knife set


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