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Sunday, July 19, 2009


Every now and then while casually wandering the grid, I get an almost obsessive need to find a very specific item. Most of the time I search and search for weeks with near insane intensity, only to be defeated, and the outfit/hair/whatever the hell I was looking for. On occasion, however, I get lucky and find it.
It was such the case with this outfit. I had been searching high and low for weeks for some sort of uberneat uniform. I didn't want any standard military uniform (especially US styled), and I didn't overly want anything too futuristic either. The vision that I had in my head was something similar to WWII German officers uniforms, except without the silly triangular pants. However, due to sensitivity and general political correctness (hey, I do think about this stuff sometimes!!), it would not be appropriate for me, a very proud German-American, to go around sporting SS gear, yeah?
Finally, I found the outfit I wanted. It had the elements of the WWII uniforms that I love, plus an intriguing bit of modern/perhaps even cyber goth bits. When I finally made the outfit mine, I decided that I felt like something like a dystopian cop. Almost Mad Max-ish, but not really. It's hard to explain, but I was thrilled with the results.

After getting the outfit, I spent a few weeks assembling some uber nifty new accessories. After seeing one of my fellow blogger's highlight of Freakshow. Curious, I tp'd over...and ended up leaving with half the store now in my inventory. Enjoy.

Schei├če I'm Wearing:
Outfit: Black Knight
Boots/bracers/helmet: Freakshow
Mask: Dirty Lynx
Hair: Lelutka


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