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Thursday, August 20, 2009


I've always found there to be something incredibly and indefinably sexy about androgyny. From my wrong-generation obsession with David Bowie (my mother also has a crush on him...awkward!) and his yummeh blend of masculinity and feminitity to women like Shane on the L Word...It's just HAWT.
I've experimented with it in my rl, but I tend to be proportioned in a way that that sexy edgy boy/girl look defeats me. I can have my hair short, minimal makeup and boyish cut clothing, and I still look like a tavern wench.
So, because SL is awesome like that, I wanted to show you my androgyny obsession. I started with a staple from my inventory, these phenomenal jeans from T.A.R.T. I think this fatpack was one of my first purchases in world, and I still love them. High and tight, with straight seams and multiple colors, these jeans are definitely casual, but well done.
Witness the sexiness :D

I'm also kinda in love with this hair. It's boy hair, but SO WHAT?! It's mine now!

Hair: MADesigns Garrett STBL II
Pants: T.A.R.T. Straight Leg in Indigo
Tank: Atomic Simple Tank in Black
Jacket: Fishy Strawberry Minihood in Red


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