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Friday, July 10, 2009


As much as I like to pretend I hate it, I am a girl, which means there is something in me that loves getting dressed up and going out. While it is true that you will never find me in flounces or bows, I have been known to wiggle into something slinky, with high heels and elaborate makeup.
Usually when I go to these fancier parties, I bring along some gorgeous guy with me. Inevitably, I end up getting drunk on too much champagne or foo foo drinks, and stumble out, groping blindly at my date, my hair a mess, dress straps broken, nylons torn, my hair a royal mess. Often, my guy isn't much better. You have those nights too right? You don't? Well, START LIVING, DAMNIT!

Amon and I decided to show you what this look looks like in SL. I have to admit, my avie looks much better drunk and messed up than I do in RL.

On Amon:
Outfit: Made Men A Long Night
Skin: Damiani Liam

On Sayre:
Dress: Luck Inc. Sinken Dress in Wine
Stockings: Sn@tch (part of the Open Heart outfit)
Gloves: Bare Rose (part of the Triangle outfit)
Hair: Magika Bork in Blonde A
Shoes: No longer exists >.<

So kids, hard, but be careful! You don't wanna end up like Amon, passing out in the middle of the road to nowhere.


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