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Saturday, July 11, 2009

We're Painting the Roses Red, HA HA!

I do find it amusing that Alice in Wonderland has become something of a cult phenomenon. I grew up on the movie, loved the book, the whole nine yards. I even had the bedsheets in the mid-90s as a kid.
I've noticed that on SL especially, Alice and her friends are extremely popular. Nary a week goes by where there isn't an Alice in Wonderland event at some club; the costumes are numerous and fabulous.
So, I dug into my inventory and pulled out my Alice themed stuff.
Check it out :)

First, as the Queen of Hearts:
Outfit (including hat and shoes): !!Lusty!! Sassy Queen of Hearts
Shoulder Armor: Dirty Lynx Cyberangel
Arm bracers: Dump Factory Dressed to Die
Hair: Red Queen Threats in Onyx/dirty

The hat makes me strangely happy. I don't much care for hats, but this one is SO EASY to position, and super cute!

And now that the roses are properly colored!

As Alice:
Outfit: [She Wants Revenge] Was a group gift awhile ago
Stockings: Cipher (from the Show Girl in white outfit)
Leg belt: Catnip Dirty Secrets Thigh Diary
Hair: Lelutka Sasha in Natural Blonde
Cheshire Cat: Catnip

Lookit the texturing on the kitty! He's so adorably vicious and insane! Awwwww.


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