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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Corset Fetish

My absolute favorite article of clothing in RL is the corset. Not the pretty little Frederick's of Hollywood ones, but the real ones, with heavy boning that cinch you in six inches or more. I wear one almost every single day, under my regular clothes, and I've come to adore the feeling and the look.
So, is it any wonder that I own a bazillion corsets in SL as well? I think not. Here are a few of my current favs.

First up, a flirty little corset that can be worn alone or with the accompanying skirt. I love the little black bra poking out of the top, but that is also an optional piece.

Outfit: PND Sweet Goth Doll in red
Hair: Armidi St. Moritz in Midnight

Now, anyone who knows me in SL knows I don't belong to the BDSM community in world. However, much of the fetish fashion is simply too gorgeous not to pass up.

Catsuit: Bugshit Latex Black in Closed Zipper
Corset: Trilobiteware Underbust Chrome Corset in Coal
Hair: Philotic Energy Zoe in Ruby

You may not know this, but my favorite color is green. So when I saw this little corset outfit, it had to become mine. Have you noticed, but most corsets tend to be black or red? Nothing wrong with it, but damnit, I want green!

Outfit: T.A.R.T. Satin Corset in Green
Hair: Truth Stephanie in Mirag
Shoes: Biddle Boots Ankle Boots in Black

And finally, here's the example of simply phenomenal corset textures (in red and black!). This is my absolute go-to piece for sexy lingerie in SL.

Outfit: Nyte'N'Day Arden in red
Hair: HCT Abbiss in true black


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