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Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I don't know about the rest of the world; but summers in northern California are just plain hot. Disgustingly hot. It's been over 100 degrees the past few days, after what had started as a very mild and wonderful summer. In parking lots and other asphalty areas, it reaches 122 degrees. Today has been the coolest day yet at 100 even. Ugh.
So, to "celebrate" (or something), my avatar felt the need to also show off summer wear. I kinda stripped her of her normal post-apoc look and decided to truly make her a North CA type of girl. She actually kinda looks like me with the short blond hair...except with more tats and piercings and whatnot.

I don't do the Cali beach bunny look often, but hell, I've been raised here, so there is a pink bikini in my closet, I admit it!

I wish beaches in northern Cali looked like this. But alas, this is more Hawaii. We have rock and dark sand beaches that are actually kinda chilly, but I like to pretend.

Outfit: Filou sunny
Tats: Garden of Ku Hathor
Hair: Abyss Secret in light blonde

Now, often during the summer here, I like to take a trip to San Francisco for the day. It's about a billion degrees cooler, and its probably one of the neatest cities ever. For a day to the city, this outfit seemed appropriate.

It's often chilly in SF, so a cute middy sweatshirt and high socks are a must if you are going to sport short shorts and a tank top.

Shorts: Shabby Cat Tiny Shorts in Green
Shirt: Dutch Touch Basics Tank Top in White
Socks and Shoes: Magi Overknee socks in green and Take Sports Sneaker in grey
Hair: Armidi Milano in Ivory
Tats: Twisted & Spoiled Arcane Magic

Aww and look. Amon even got in on the action for a quick smooch on the beach.


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