SL Fashion for the Rest of Us

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I've always found there to be something incredibly and indefinably sexy about androgyny. From my wrong-generation obsession with David Bowie (my mother also has a crush on him...awkward!) and his yummeh blend of masculinity and feminitity to women like Shane on the L Word...It's just HAWT.
I've experimented with it in my rl, but I tend to be proportioned in a way that that sexy edgy boy/girl look defeats me. I can have my hair short, minimal makeup and boyish cut clothing, and I still look like a tavern wench.
So, because SL is awesome like that, I wanted to show you my androgyny obsession. I started with a staple from my inventory, these phenomenal jeans from T.A.R.T. I think this fatpack was one of my first purchases in world, and I still love them. High and tight, with straight seams and multiple colors, these jeans are definitely casual, but well done.
Witness the sexiness :D

I'm also kinda in love with this hair. It's boy hair, but SO WHAT?! It's mine now!

Hair: MADesigns Garrett STBL II
Pants: T.A.R.T. Straight Leg in Indigo
Tank: Atomic Simple Tank in Black
Jacket: Fishy Strawberry Minihood in Red

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Getting Sprung

I have always had a passionate love affair with the Steampunk look. Cogs, gears, and gorgeous bits of corrugated metal...yummeh.
So, when I saw Coffeesmoke's highlight of the amazing new moving shoes at Grim Bros, I immediately tp'd over and made them mine.
And this...well, this is what came out of that experience.

Look at these wings!! I mean, look at them! I happened to find them the other day when exploring the Steampunk festival sim (alas, I tp'd when nothing was going on, but oh well...still fun to check out!). Each cog of the wings move independently, creating a rather fun effect.

Coggy goodness:

Outfit: League Steampunk Apocalypse
Hair: Red Queen Rage in Cacao
Shoes: Grim Bros Vapour Vanity
Wings: BlakOpal Animated Steampunk Gear Wings

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I was the Queen of the Alley, Mama

Oooookay! So it's been awhile since I've blogged (although I've taken pictures for the next 4 blogs!), but I am back.
I've been shopping a lot lately (what's new, right?), and have picked up some retardedly awesome things.
First, the outfit and hair and whatnot:

And finally, I got a new skin! I had never heard of MAI Body before...silly me. But I sure do now! This is one of the new Vanity Gothica skins, and it is amazing. The texturing is real, the face is one of the most perfect faces I've seen in SL, ever.

And, I'm in love with the butt. It has dimplesssss!!!

The stuff:

Skin: MAI Vanity Gothica Vol. 1
Hair: Truth Carrie in Espresso and Grazia 2 in Seaspray
Tats: Garden of Ku Black Widow
Cigarette: Hermony Filter Cigarette
Lashes: Deviant Kitties Lashes
Top: Suicidal Unborn Dalia II in white
Pants: Suicidal Unborn Lionight Pant in Black
Shoes: Biddle Boots Ankle boots in black