SL Fashion for the Rest of Us

Saturday, May 23, 2009

What Do Post Apoc Nekos do for Date Night?

Sometimes my partner and I go on romantic dates; we feel they bring us closer as a couple. However, whereas most couples head over to a pretty beach sim or a botanical garden, Amon and I like to roam about post-apocalyptic sims. Instead of mushing over each other, we can usually be found reveling in our inner Mad Max, riding our motorbikes at breakneck speeds through torn up streets, exploring nearly decimated hospitals....ah, good times.
And of course, we dress for the occassion. Look, I even wore a skirt...well, kinda!
This has long been one of my favorite outfits in-world. The texturing on the kilt itself is unbelievable, and the little charms that adorn both bodice and waist are extremely well done. Called the *Pleasure* outfit, it can be found in a tiny little shop at the Emo City Mall. Amon's kilt can also be found there, but alas, he does not remember what its called. As far as I could tell, the store itself did not have a name, but the various battle kilts for both men and women are some of the best I've seen in SL

As I was bullying him into telling me what all exactly he was wearing, I realized something...we are wearing many items from the same places. Score! Saves me from having to find the lms to a bunch of places :)

On Sayre (me!):

Boots: Resurrection Laced Platforms
Skin: [42] Skin Keys Hunt in natural
Mask/Shoulder Armor: Dirty Lynx
Claws: Tanglia Kitty Claws
Eyes: Vanilla C. Designs Green Envy
Hair: [Detour] Rawr! Blond mix
Tats: Twisted & Spoiled Arcane Magic Dark
Kitty Parts: Catnip Outlaw tail and ears

On Amon:
(a note...Amon mods almost everything he gets, so many of these things aren't in their exact original form.)

Skin: Damiani Liam
Shoes: Unzipped
Arm things: Tonktastic
Shoulder Armor: Dirty Lynx
Tats: Cherry Bomb
Hair: Abyss
Kitty Parts: Catnip Outlaw tail and ears

Friday, May 15, 2009

Burlesque and Leather

True Story: Girl goes hair shopping. Girl finds multiple hair styles that look amazing. Girl buys hair. Girl then decides she absolutely must dig through her inventory and put together outfits around said new hair.
This is the result.

One of my new buddies in SL has an amazing club called Corsets & Cigars. It's a burlesque themed club, and although it has a very diverse clientele, it feels like stepping into a more romantic era. I absolutely adore burlesque style clothes. My odd passion for such led me to Nymphetamine, a store which has got to be one of the most beautiful gothic clothing stores I have ever seen in-world. The texturing on the fabric is beyond amazing, the dark colors romantic, and the styles tend to be Victorian styled gothic, a style that appeals to me much more than one's standard all black gothic clothing.
This particular outfit is the Pandora's Penchant outift in Purple. Everything about it, from the little buttons on the bodice to the ruffls on the hat and bustle are superbly crafted. The set itself comes with a much longer skirt, that makes the whole ensemble more Victorian classic, but if you buy the "Pt 2" as well, you get the short little skirt that makes it perfect for slinking around a Burlesque club.

This new, oh-so-gorgeous hair is from Armidi. This particular one is the St Moritz in True Black. I love the feminine waves, but it comes off as classically cute, not overly pretenious. I have a secret loathing for curly hair, so this is probably the closest I will ever come to actual curls.

I've noticed that lately I've been wearing a lot of blond hair. What of it, you ask? After all, I am a natural blond in RL. However, it is rather odd for me, because I have always preferred black and red hair. When I saw the Milano hairstyle at Armidi, however, I knew I had to have it in blond. And not just in any blond, but platinum blond.
I absolutely love the texturing on the hair, the way it flows and moves just enough with me. I have a hell of a time finding hair that looks right on my face, so to find two different styles at the same place was sort of like finding two four-leaf clovers in a patch.
Anyway, I certainly hope you guys did the Keys to the VIP hunt. It was definitely the most worthwhile hunt I have done to date in SL. I normally throw away about 98% of the items I receive in most hunts, but I think I kept about half from this one.
A few of my favorite items from the hunt:
This SUPER cute diary from Catnip. It hangs out in a case on your thigh, but when you click it, it transfers to your hand and has a very nice writing animation. In this case, I took a break from taking pictures out in front of my house (hi, house!) to scribble a bit in my diary. It's theraputic, I'm telling ya.
Also, the piercings were also hunt items from Acid & Mala. Called the Shut Up! piercings, they are insane in a totally fun way.
Finally, these bracers from Unzipped (although I am quite sure they are for men), are uber fun. The texturing is extremely well done on them, and the pieces fit together really well.
As for the outfit itself, anyone who knows me knows that I practically own everything that has come out of League. This is definitely one of my favorite outfits from the store. Called the Bella Desastre outfit, its a brown leather minidress, with multiple options for the skirt. I am wearing the tattered skirt, since it appeals most to my need to not have smooth edges on skirts :)
Finally, these boots are also from Catnip. Since I am a neko most of the time, I find it fun to wander around in these Feral Stomps in white. They are so cat-like but still so funky and awesome, and they go with everything. Absolutely LOVE these shoes.

Other Sh*t:
Skin: [42] Skin Key Hunt in neutral
Ears and Tail: Catnip Outlaw set
Tattoo: Garden of Ku Hator Garden
Shoulder armor: Dirty Lynx Cyber Angel
Eyes: Piddiddle Motion Sickness Eyes in Alive

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Believe The Hype

Ok, I know, I know. Every blog seems to be riddled with the new stuff out of Luck E Motion. We've all seen it. So, why am I blogging it? Because it is just that damn amazing. For starters, the texturing on this little onsie is just fabulous. The colors it is offered in are extremely varied, and it is incredibly sexy without being completely naked.

Now, anyone that knows me knows that I am not all that girly. Even though I may have more clothes than most sane people in SL, most of them seem to be variations of pants, shirts and jackets. I don't own that many skirts or dresses, and the ones I do have tend to be ripped to hell, or were for a special event.
Because of this, I don't have very many uber-feminine accessories. When trying to decide what to pair this cute little outfit with, these little half stockings caught my eye. Also at the new Luck E-motion store, these just about made me *squeee* with delight.
Also in my inventory, hailing from waaaay long ago, are these shoes. A present from a then romantic interest, I haven't the slightest idea where they are from, but look how cute! I will try and find out where they are from, but in the mean time...

I had a few requests for a closer up facial picture. My current everyday is skin is the Laqroki Alba 03 Fair. I do not wear skins with vibrant lipcolor, as in RL I don't wear lipstick except on very special occassions. I tend to prefer skins that looks as if they don't have makeup on, except around the eyes. When I first tried the demo of this skin, I fell in love. Dark eyes, no ridiculous glitter or rouge, no lips that looked like large slices of raw tuna on the face....YAY. There is just a soft sheen on the lips, which I love.
I wear a lot of different hair, but my number one go-to place for fun and funky hair is Magika. This is the Lil Punk in blonde. I prefer the lightest two tones of the blond hair, but all five that you get are quite pretty.
Piercing set is from Virus Co, and includes the whole thing on one attachment point. Lip piercings, both eyebrows, fun nose it!
Choker is a freebie from Cipher. I don't do the D/s play in SL, so this isn't a collar for me, but I suppose it could be used as one.

Blogs will kinda be put on hold the next two weeks (finals, booo!), but I shall try to pop a few more out in the coming weeks. Again, lemme know if there is anything in particular you want to see.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Let's Start Off Simple

Hiiiii there! I thought I'd start off with a really simple, everyday type look. Nothing pretentious...this is just something I often wear when gadabouting around on the grid (usually in search of more shopping places!).

To start with, the white undershirt is the Strap Top in white from Shit Luck, which is definitely one of my favorite shopping places. Amon (my partner) introduced me to them months and months ago, long before he knew of my almost obsessive penchant to shop. Well, he certainly found it out that day! Although simple, this white short shirt is adorable, with a fun neckline and a lace up back.

The pants are a recent addition to my inventory, comping from Filou. Although part of the Playfull outfit, I liked them so much I often pair them with different tops. As you can see, they are quite ripped up, both front and back, which I love. They've just got a sexy feeling, even while just being jeans.

The next two things have been staples of my inventory for awhile, and to this day are high in my absolute favorite things in SL. The jacket, which I got from +*Cipher*+, is simply gorgeous. Called the Rider's Jacket +++Busta+++, it comes in a bunch of colors, but I currently only have it in black. It does take off any arm bands/shoulder attachments that you may have, but it's SO worth it. I really am just in love with this jacket...the shading, the textures, the fun randomness that is part biker babe and part classic piece just appeals to me. GORGEOUS!

These boots are the final orgasmic piece of this outfit. As odd as it sounds, I had never been to Redgrave until less than two months ago. Everything I had personally seen come out of the store was not my style in the slightest. One day I was roaming around and saw a girl with the most gorgeous grungy biker boots I had ever seen, and when she told me she had goten them at Redgrave, I just about SQUEEEEE'd with joy. Immediately tping there, I found these Girl's Biker Boots in black, and made them mine. I probably wear these boots more often than any other shoe at the moment.

Well, that's it for my first post. Tada! One down, thousands (hopefully), to come! Please lemme know if there is anything in particular you'd like me to review or highlight.

Other Sh*t I'm Wearing:

>Skin: Laqroki--Alba 03 Fair
>Hair: LeLutka--Sasha in Beach Blonde
>Eyes: Pididdle--Motion Sickness Eyes, Alive
>Ears and Tail: Catnip--Outcast set in Silver