SL Fashion for the Rest of Us

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

All in a Day's Adventures

If you are anything like me, you change your outfit in-world at least a few times a day. I mean, seriously...there are multiple things to go and do, and you always want to look appropriate (or inappropriate, if that's your thing) for the task at hand. My partner doesn't understand this in the slightest. He will wear the same thing all day, no matter what we are doing, if I let him.
So, to show off my multiple personalities in clothing, check this out.

First, I wanted to go check out the Insilico sim. If you don't know, its a MASSIVE cybergoth/cyberpunk city, with amazing textures and all kinds of weird stuff to snoop at. Unfortunately, because of its size, it can be extremely laggy, and hard to get a decent picture because everything is so big!
But, I did manage to snap one good shot, standing under a large neon light.

Freaking love this bodysuit. I'm not much of an RPer, and I'm certainly no one's slave, but sometimes a girl just wants to be all strapped up. The texturing and coloring on this bodysuit couldn't be better. It's sexy as hell, while maintaining something of a badass feel.

Oufit: Plastik Strappy Bodysuit in Ivory/Red
Hair: Magika Lil Punk in White 1

Later that day, I felt like wandering about in a cemetary. Again, not being a proper goth, what could I wear? Fortunately for me, Grimm Bros had the answer for me. I quickly got dressed, found shoes, an appropriate skin and hair and was ready to get my mourning on.
Outfit: Grim Bros Bone Dress
Hair: [Aden] Rihanna
Skin: Frick Goth Minimalist Makeup

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dresses? Really?

I am a self-professed dress hater. As a rule, I despise them. Skirts, eh, but dresses....I would rather go naked, SL or RL, it doesn't matter. However, their are certain circumstances that, if one continues to wish to be counted among the female population, one must be in a dress of some sort.
Because of this, I'd like to highlight two of my absolute favorite dresses in SL. Both are veeeeeeery different. One I can wear whenever I have to show up for some girly pasttime with my adorably and disgustingly feminine friends, and the other was my SL wedding dress. Enjoy.

Dress: (CS) Aphrodixia in Ruby
Love everything about this dress. I did have a bit of an issue fixing the placement of the prim skirt, but that might just be my issue due to my shape and my lack of experience with skirt parts. The dress is sexy, with what appers to be a cutout showing a bra underneath, but in reality, its part of the dress. It maintains some level of class while still being fun and not overly girly.

Hair: Exile Jordin in Snow
Shoes: Unique Needs Dolly Goth Chunky Spy Pumps in black (my favorite pair of heels, EVER!)

June is the month of weddings, so they say.
Now, my "sister" in SL is getting married on Saturday, (Sorry, Kat! I have to work in RL that day. *cries*) and thinking about it made me think of my own wedding in SL. As you may be able to guess, I am not overly traditional. Neither in my partner. Because of this, we decided on a masquerade ball theme wedding. I found the most gorgeous non-traditional dress ever....I have no idea when I will ever wear it again, but it has earned its place in my inventory.

It's big. It's poofy. It causes lag with the giant flowing train. But it's also uber gorgeous. The texturing is absolutely amazing, and it amuses me to spin in circles and watch it move.
Outfit (gloves, train and veil included): Sn@oks Wedding Bersbita

Because it was a masquerade, of course I need a mask!
Mask: Illusions Valkyrie mask, originally in black but modded
Hair: ETD Grace in platinum (modded a bit)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Aaaaaand I'm Back!

Whew! Sorry there, kiddos. It's been a busy few weeks. School got out, I went on vacation to Las Vegas for my 21st birthday....sheeeze. Anyway, I am back now, for good (barring any unseen vacations that my lovely friends may have forgotten to warn me about!).
I changed things up, quite a bit, in SL after I got back. While the neko look was a ton of fun, it was seriously cutting into my attachment point availability, and it seemed that every freaking person in SL is a neko. While I doubt I am done with my kitteh parts for good, I decided to try something different. Now my absolute favorite fashion blogger, EVER, is Makenzie Irling. Even though I don't wear half the things she does, since her style is, while extremely eclectic and awesome, a bit more girly than mine ever will be. However, she looks amazing as an elf, so in homage of her, I decided to give the pointed ears a try myself...and fell in love.
To celebrate, I decided to highlight one of my new favorite stores, Fuk'N'Hawt. I spent a mini fortune there this week, grabbing nearly everything in sight.
This is not a store to go to if you value your modesty! WARNING! These clothes will show just about everything, but I like it that way sometimes, so there!

Details for both:
Skin: Redgrave Pale Skin 10 Chloe
Lashes: Deviant Kitties
Tats: Twisted & Spoiled Arcane Magic
Ears: TokeoPlastik Animalistic Elven Ears Helix
Boots: Virus Co. Rogue boots
Hair: [RQ] Easy in platinum/onyx and Threats in onyx/dirty
Poses: *Elisa*
and the usual accessories, from a variety of places.

Outfit 1:
Torn to Fuk Low Rise Jeans in Blue
Wonky Top in White

Outift 2:
Dirty Torn Crop Top
Little Britain
Commando Camo pants