SL Fashion for the Rest of Us

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Porn Star Style

So...there's just some days I feel a wee bit more sex-kittenish than others. Now, because it's not socially acceptable for me to run around in uber skimpy lingerie or even better (naked!), I have to find some clothes that I can wear around the grid that both appeal to my skankalicious mood and still be presentable for the masses.
My inspiration for today is none other than legendary porn star Jenna Jameson. Living in a houseful of guys in RL...I end up seeing a lot of porn. And I'll admit...when she wasn't terrifyingly skinny, Jenna was HOT. I love her hair (who looks at porn for hair and makeup? This weird one right here!). So, here's my SL take of the infamous Miss Jameson.

Start off with this fabulous new shirt that I found in Alco the other day. It says PORN on the front, with some lovely decorative stars. it? Yeah. It's rhinestone-y goodness at its best, and the textures couldn't be more luxurious.

Also...check out these shoes!! OMG!! I don't wear heels much in-world or in RL, other than boots, so for me to find such an amazingly odd pair of heels...they had to be mine. They are tennis shoes, except...stilettos!

Sh*t I'm Wearing:

Shirt: Alco Pornstar Lila in red
Skirt: Luck Inc. Low Mini Jeans Skirt in black
Shoes: Redgrave Athlete Heels in Silver/White
Hair: Truth Jess in Platinum

Friday, July 24, 2009

A Dirty Sexy Type of Thing

Haaaiiiiii there!
Just an uber quick post today to show off some of the most recent shopping expedition.

How cute is that? I mean seriously! It's so grungy, but kinda playful and flirty at the same time. The handprints on the shirt are just a tad naughty, like one got a playful grope after one's hubby was out working on the car.
And the pants! The texturing is absolute ridiculously amazing. The frayed edges have amazing detail, and look just like real shredded pants. These are definitely going to be worn a LOT by yours truly.

Shirt: League Handprint BLTee in white
Pants: Alco Ripped blue jeans
Hair: Lelutka Drew in Pitch Black
Boots: Redgrave Biker boots in black

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Corset Fetish

My absolute favorite article of clothing in RL is the corset. Not the pretty little Frederick's of Hollywood ones, but the real ones, with heavy boning that cinch you in six inches or more. I wear one almost every single day, under my regular clothes, and I've come to adore the feeling and the look.
So, is it any wonder that I own a bazillion corsets in SL as well? I think not. Here are a few of my current favs.

First up, a flirty little corset that can be worn alone or with the accompanying skirt. I love the little black bra poking out of the top, but that is also an optional piece.

Outfit: PND Sweet Goth Doll in red
Hair: Armidi St. Moritz in Midnight

Now, anyone who knows me in SL knows I don't belong to the BDSM community in world. However, much of the fetish fashion is simply too gorgeous not to pass up.

Catsuit: Bugshit Latex Black in Closed Zipper
Corset: Trilobiteware Underbust Chrome Corset in Coal
Hair: Philotic Energy Zoe in Ruby

You may not know this, but my favorite color is green. So when I saw this little corset outfit, it had to become mine. Have you noticed, but most corsets tend to be black or red? Nothing wrong with it, but damnit, I want green!

Outfit: T.A.R.T. Satin Corset in Green
Hair: Truth Stephanie in Mirag
Shoes: Biddle Boots Ankle Boots in Black

And finally, here's the example of simply phenomenal corset textures (in red and black!). This is my absolute go-to piece for sexy lingerie in SL.

Outfit: Nyte'N'Day Arden in red
Hair: HCT Abbiss in true black

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Every now and then while casually wandering the grid, I get an almost obsessive need to find a very specific item. Most of the time I search and search for weeks with near insane intensity, only to be defeated, and the outfit/hair/whatever the hell I was looking for. On occasion, however, I get lucky and find it.
It was such the case with this outfit. I had been searching high and low for weeks for some sort of uberneat uniform. I didn't want any standard military uniform (especially US styled), and I didn't overly want anything too futuristic either. The vision that I had in my head was something similar to WWII German officers uniforms, except without the silly triangular pants. However, due to sensitivity and general political correctness (hey, I do think about this stuff sometimes!!), it would not be appropriate for me, a very proud German-American, to go around sporting SS gear, yeah?
Finally, I found the outfit I wanted. It had the elements of the WWII uniforms that I love, plus an intriguing bit of modern/perhaps even cyber goth bits. When I finally made the outfit mine, I decided that I felt like something like a dystopian cop. Almost Mad Max-ish, but not really. It's hard to explain, but I was thrilled with the results.

After getting the outfit, I spent a few weeks assembling some uber nifty new accessories. After seeing one of my fellow blogger's highlight of Freakshow. Curious, I tp'd over...and ended up leaving with half the store now in my inventory. Enjoy.

Schei├če I'm Wearing:
Outfit: Black Knight
Boots/bracers/helmet: Freakshow
Mask: Dirty Lynx
Hair: Lelutka

Saturday, July 11, 2009

We're Painting the Roses Red, HA HA!

I do find it amusing that Alice in Wonderland has become something of a cult phenomenon. I grew up on the movie, loved the book, the whole nine yards. I even had the bedsheets in the mid-90s as a kid.
I've noticed that on SL especially, Alice and her friends are extremely popular. Nary a week goes by where there isn't an Alice in Wonderland event at some club; the costumes are numerous and fabulous.
So, I dug into my inventory and pulled out my Alice themed stuff.
Check it out :)

First, as the Queen of Hearts:
Outfit (including hat and shoes): !!Lusty!! Sassy Queen of Hearts
Shoulder Armor: Dirty Lynx Cyberangel
Arm bracers: Dump Factory Dressed to Die
Hair: Red Queen Threats in Onyx/dirty

The hat makes me strangely happy. I don't much care for hats, but this one is SO EASY to position, and super cute!

And now that the roses are properly colored!

As Alice:
Outfit: [She Wants Revenge] Was a group gift awhile ago
Stockings: Cipher (from the Show Girl in white outfit)
Leg belt: Catnip Dirty Secrets Thigh Diary
Hair: Lelutka Sasha in Natural Blonde
Cheshire Cat: Catnip

Lookit the texturing on the kitty! He's so adorably vicious and insane! Awwwww.

Friday, July 10, 2009


As much as I like to pretend I hate it, I am a girl, which means there is something in me that loves getting dressed up and going out. While it is true that you will never find me in flounces or bows, I have been known to wiggle into something slinky, with high heels and elaborate makeup.
Usually when I go to these fancier parties, I bring along some gorgeous guy with me. Inevitably, I end up getting drunk on too much champagne or foo foo drinks, and stumble out, groping blindly at my date, my hair a mess, dress straps broken, nylons torn, my hair a royal mess. Often, my guy isn't much better. You have those nights too right? You don't? Well, START LIVING, DAMNIT!

Amon and I decided to show you what this look looks like in SL. I have to admit, my avie looks much better drunk and messed up than I do in RL.

On Amon:
Outfit: Made Men A Long Night
Skin: Damiani Liam

On Sayre:
Dress: Luck Inc. Sinken Dress in Wine
Stockings: Sn@tch (part of the Open Heart outfit)
Gloves: Bare Rose (part of the Triangle outfit)
Hair: Magika Bork in Blonde A
Shoes: No longer exists >.<

So kids, hard, but be careful! You don't wanna end up like Amon, passing out in the middle of the road to nowhere.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A different way to do lingerie

Every now and then I feel the need to run around in my underwear. Being the only girl in a house of 6 (5 college boys...feel bad for me!), I am usually confined to my bedroom on such a day. However, the fun thing about SL is...I can pretty much wander anywhere I want as long as the bare necessities are covered.

Of course, in SL, I am going to a little crazier than just running around in panties. So, after searching my inventory and tping around to a few new-to-me stores, this is what I came up with.

I especially love the wings and boots. If you see my in world over the next week or so, chances are high I will be wearing one, or the other, or both.

Details and Sh*t:

Nipple tape: [theBunker] (no longer exists, but any good goth place will have it!)
Thong: Nyte'N'Day Arden (part of a gorgeous corset/lingerie piece)
Hair: Ravenwear Juiced in Red goth
Mask: Sinistyle Cyber Respirator
Shoulder armor: Dirty Lynx Cyberangel Shoulder Armor
Bracers: Dump Factory Dressed to Die armwraps and goves
Wing: Tigerclaw Cyber wing
Boots: Tigerclaw boots 2009 Nc_black-13 Red

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Desert Roamer

I've noticed that my last couple posts haven't been very traditional "me" at all. They've been swimsuits and, of all the horrors!, dresses. But not today. This outfit is something that one would see me wandering around the grid in. I love it for the absolutely breathtaking texturing job, the fun feel, and...hell, I love everything about it. It's definitely one of my favorite outfits overall in Second Life.

I like that it has a certain feminine appeal, even while being more in the line of masculine clothes. I can't help but feel sexy when wearing it, so I have to carry a gun to chase off all the boys and girls that try to grab hold of my badass sexiness.

Details and Sh*t:
Outfit: Indi Designs Morgan
Hair: Red Queen Easy in Platinum/blond
Shoes: Redgrave Biker in black
Gun: the hubby's (sssh, I stole it!)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I don't know about the rest of the world; but summers in northern California are just plain hot. Disgustingly hot. It's been over 100 degrees the past few days, after what had started as a very mild and wonderful summer. In parking lots and other asphalty areas, it reaches 122 degrees. Today has been the coolest day yet at 100 even. Ugh.
So, to "celebrate" (or something), my avatar felt the need to also show off summer wear. I kinda stripped her of her normal post-apoc look and decided to truly make her a North CA type of girl. She actually kinda looks like me with the short blond hair...except with more tats and piercings and whatnot.

I don't do the Cali beach bunny look often, but hell, I've been raised here, so there is a pink bikini in my closet, I admit it!

I wish beaches in northern Cali looked like this. But alas, this is more Hawaii. We have rock and dark sand beaches that are actually kinda chilly, but I like to pretend.

Outfit: Filou sunny
Tats: Garden of Ku Hathor
Hair: Abyss Secret in light blonde

Now, often during the summer here, I like to take a trip to San Francisco for the day. It's about a billion degrees cooler, and its probably one of the neatest cities ever. For a day to the city, this outfit seemed appropriate.

It's often chilly in SF, so a cute middy sweatshirt and high socks are a must if you are going to sport short shorts and a tank top.

Shorts: Shabby Cat Tiny Shorts in Green
Shirt: Dutch Touch Basics Tank Top in White
Socks and Shoes: Magi Overknee socks in green and Take Sports Sneaker in grey
Hair: Armidi Milano in Ivory
Tats: Twisted & Spoiled Arcane Magic

Aww and look. Amon even got in on the action for a quick smooch on the beach.