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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Desert Roamer

I've noticed that my last couple posts haven't been very traditional "me" at all. They've been swimsuits and, of all the horrors!, dresses. But not today. This outfit is something that one would see me wandering around the grid in. I love it for the absolutely breathtaking texturing job, the fun feel, and...hell, I love everything about it. It's definitely one of my favorite outfits overall in Second Life.

I like that it has a certain feminine appeal, even while being more in the line of masculine clothes. I can't help but feel sexy when wearing it, so I have to carry a gun to chase off all the boys and girls that try to grab hold of my badass sexiness.

Details and Sh*t:
Outfit: Indi Designs Morgan
Hair: Red Queen Easy in Platinum/blond
Shoes: Redgrave Biker in black
Gun: the hubby's (sssh, I stole it!)


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